7 inspiring kitties living with a disability who prove that anything is possible

Life is hard, bad things happen to good cats and sometimes our four legged friends are faced with extra special challenges.

1. Vincent

(Source: gizmag.com)

Vincent – or Awesome Robo-Kitty as he’s known around the MYK office – was found abandoned as a kitten with his hind legs missing below his shins. At this point he hadn’t yet reached his final augmented form and was struggling greatly without the use of his missing legs. It was thanks to the generosity of some super cool humans and the expertise of a veterinary orthopaedic surgeon that Vincent was given a new lease on life with two kick-ass, titanium-alloy footsies.

In all seriousness though, the Jones family who took in Vincent deserve a lot of kudos for the extra love and care (including twice daily antibiotic spray treatment) that allows Awesome Robo-Kitty to live a full, rich life.


2. Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux

(Source: instagram.com)
(Source: instagram.com)

Roux doesn’t need much of an introduction. With over 300,000 instagram followers she’s already insta-famous. The most important points to note here are that 1) her rear-leg specialisation means she hops like a bunny to move and – related to this point – 2) She’s flippin adorable.


3. Cassidy

Cassidy 1
(Source: catchannel.com)

After having both his legs amputated as a kitten due to an E. Coli infection, Cassidy was lucky enough to be given a second shot at a mobile life by two enterprising local high school students who 3D printed the lucky cat his own kitty wheelchair.

Cassidy popped up in the news again this year after his owner filmed him using a Roomba to get around the house, proving there’s definitely more than one way to… um… transport a cat.


4. Melissa aka ‘the Einstein cat’

Einstein 1
(Source: dailymail.co.uk)

Nicknamed ‘Einstein‘ after her resemblance to the iconic photo of the physicist with his tongue poking out, life’s not all instagram fame and roses for Melissa the Scottish Fold.

The much loved internet star suffers from a degenerative bone disorder called osteochondrodysplasia, a side effect of which is her abnormally long tongue.

Upon her condition being diagnosed, Melissa’s owner Alina Esther was told that it would be best to put Melissa down due to the costly vet trips needed to keep her alive. Alina wouldn’t hear a word of it and decided to do whatever it takes to look after her kitty.

As well as learning to adminsiter Melissa’s injections herself, Alina also started an Instagram account where she shares the brave cat’s journey with the world.

Einstein 2
(Source: dailymail.co.uk)

5. Emerson

Emerson 1.jpg
(Source: catster.com)

As mentioned at the start of the post, sometimes terrible things happen to good cats (all cats are good cats), and one of those poor creatures is rescue kitty Emerson.

Emerson was surrendered at the Houlton Humane Society by his owner who had broken the cat’s neck “because he was annoying to her”.

In addition to a broken neck a vet check revealed Emerson had suffered an extensive history of abuse with clear evidence shown of spinal cord damage, broken ribs, a second neck injury and burns on three of his feet.

Although he can no longer feel his back legs and must use a wheelchair to walk, Emerson has found a forever home with Heather Miller from the Houlton Humane Society who provides intensive daily care for the special kitty, who cannot even clean himself.

For all the terrible treatment he’s received though, Heather says that Emerson only gives love back into the world and all the effort that goes into keeping the little trooper healthy is easily worth it, to see such a gentle soul continue shining his light in the world.

emerson 2.jpg
(Source: catster.com)


6. Budd

Budd 1
(Source: onegreenplanet.org)

Budd was born with a neurological disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia which seriously affects his ability to stand and walk.

Luckily for Budd he was taken in by a loving family who dedicated themselves to teaching the fearless feline how to walk again.

It’s stories like Budd’s that remind us that with a lot of love, anything is possible.


7. Ruth (and Idgie)

(Source: eonline.com)

If you feel like you may be nearing your bearable limit of cuteness for the day then gird yourself, because it’s about to get crazy adorable up in here.

Named after their counterparts from the film Fried Green Tomatoes, these cat and dog BFFs are not letting a little thing like a clash of species get in the way of their friendship.

According to their rescuers, Ruth the cat (also a paraplegic) adores her best friend Idgie, who in turn is so protective of his feline companion he’d take a bullet for her.

They were found abandoned in a driveway together and have been inseparable ever since.