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19 badass cats who don’t care that you’re shaming them

It’s not your cat’s fault that you didn’t appreciate that half-eaten mouse she gave you last night. She even delivered it to you in bed! Such good service with so little gratitude in return. And now you’re hanging a sign around her head and trying to shame her on the internet. Well lucky for you she couldn’t care less. Here are 19 cats with no regrets.

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Why are you at university when these 6 uneducated cats already have better jobs than you’re ever going to get?

Most of these kitty’s were found abandoned in the street, have no formal education, definitely don’t have an up to date resume, and I’m pretty sure they’ve never been marked on class participation. We all know life’s not fair but this is taking it one paw too far.

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5 actual cat burglars addicted to stealing anything they can get their little paws on

All cat owners know how sneaky their feline companions can be when they’re hunting down a mouse or trying to creep up on that sweet, sweet treasure of forbidden human food, otherwise known as the-sandwich-I-was-really-looking-forward-to-until-you-put-your-paw-in-it. But some of our four legged friends take it one furry step too far when they slip into the seedy underbelly of the criminal cat life.